Philippe Wurtz:
  • Born 1953 in France
  • Studied Math and Physics in Strasbourg (France)
  • 1974 Went to Germany and worked at Air France.
  • Thanks to the encounter with a clockmaker specialised in antique clocks, I get fascinated in this field of art.  Due to my background in Physics, I was specially interested in precision clocks.
  • 1989 I got my brand new Schaublin 102VM and began to built my first one year going prototype which was the basis for the BRIVE.
  • 2003: I exhibited the GRAMAT at the Baselworld on the booth of the AHCI. The MIH (la Chaux de Fonds) bought one of the first exemplar.
  • 2004: The BRIVE is exhibited at Baselworld.
  • 2005: I became a member of the AHCI
  • 2007: The SARLAT is shown at Baselworld.
  • 2020: The PADIRAC is created.

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