With our Brive precision pendulum clocks, we have remained true to our policy of not just using tried and true methods but improving these methods with the help of cutting-edge technology. This has allowed us to integrate several features into our Brive clocks which were formerly impossible to combine.

Due to the difficulties involved in combining a one-year power reserve and a central second hand, these two features are rarely found together in one clock. Brive's combination of not only these two features but also an anchor that is not laid on its own axle but attached to the pendulum is absolutely unique. Contrary to common practice, the works are driven by two tungstenweights using an epicycloidal gear so that the clock continues to run even while being wound. The rod of the pendulum, which weighs seven kilos, is made of invar and bears an air-pressure and temperature compensator.

The escape-wheel is made of a very light alloy and driven by a delicate spiral spring in its hub. The escapement is highly efficient due to minimal inertia. Because of the gears' wear-resistant diamond coating, friction loss in the gears is negligible.

Expert craftsmanship is visible in many of the details: the Geneva stripes on the plates, the polished chatons, wheels and their spokes. The case consists of fine, highly polished nickel-coated brass framing with facetted glass sides.

Brive's technical innovations, high-quality materials and meticulous handiwork combine to make it not only exclusively valuable but also extremely reliable due to its lasting precision.