Gramat Precision Pendulum clocks are our passion. Although our daily life is not longer ruled by mechanical clocks for more than 60 years, they still fascinate us through the uninterrupted motion of wheels, pinions and the escapement. Our vocation is to perpetuate the tradition of these precious clocks.
Due to the fact that former clockmakers always focused on improving their precision clocks we see it our task not to rebuild but to innovate and create new clocks. For this reason, we have realised new features. Other features which have in the past been rejected on account of their difficulty, are successfully incorporated in the construction. Several years of development and many trials were necessary to build Gramat, a timekeeper which exceptionally unifies features that never were in a clock:

The new patented escapement in relation with a long, very thin centre second. Different than in all escapements known so far, the pendulum of the Gramat is not in contact with any mechanical element like a spring, levers or anchor. The impulse which is necessary to entertain its oscillation, is completed by very little displacement of its suspension axis. This new construction gives the pendulum the highest grade of clearance, never found on a mechanical pendulum clock. In spite of its elegance and its easy legibility, a central seconds hand on precision clocks is rarely to find.

Download the full patent specification (PDF file)

A four months power reserve with 3 kg tungsten-weight. Nevertheless all pinions have more than thirteen leaves. The exceptional long power reserve is the result of the wheel with 400 teeth, the build-in epicycloidal gear in its hub and the double pulleys. All staffs are beard either in microball-bearings or in jewels.

The skeleton design allows the best view in the movement and its function. The temperature compensated pendulum and its Invar-rod is suspended on a strong column itself fixed on the back of the case. This very stiff attachment of the pendulum is the necessary condition for a good precision of the clock.
The arbor of the barrel takes also the place of a pillar for the movement. This allows us to design very sparing plates.

The air-tight case and the regulation of the density of the air. Not the pressure of the air but its density is the parameter which influences the pendulum. With a sub-pressure and the unprecedented way to regulate the density of the air in the case, we also eliminate fluctuation resulting from its hygrometry and its temperature.
Download the full patent specification (PDF file)

The wheels with perfectly polished spokes, the lapped edges, the chatons and the pinions with their polished faces and the thin hand-filed hands testify accuracy, accomplished in our clocks. Many hours of handwork are necessary to finish the spares which had been milled or lathe on modern machines. Then they are polished, gilded or nickel-plated till they satisfy our high exigency. The result is a very exceptional clock in its style and its features.

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