Gramat Precision pendulum clocks have traditionally been equipped with separate hands, described by a historical term: "regulator face". In the wall clock Sarlat, this tradition has been uniquely paired with an elegant, delicate yet sturdy skeleton clockwork. A signature feature is the impressive V-shaped construction of the hanging works, which give the pendulum the extremely static foundation required for exactness.

The pendulum, based on Riefler's model, is of course temperature compensated. Suspended on knife edges, it controls a gravity escapement which, in turn, is constructed to prevent any jarring motion from hampering its functionality. The very fine second hand and the long minute hand each turn in its ring divided into 60 parts.

But the hours are displayed in numbers read in the cut-out of the V-shaped plate. They are 3-dimensional and have been worked into the thickness of the driving wheel free on all sides. Another unusual feature for a clock is the minute hand that, when the clock is set, drops into place according to the second hand's position.

As is the case in our Brive and Gramat clocks, the Sarlat precision pendulum clock is equipped with an otherwise very rare epicycloid gear. This ensures not only a long duration but also uninterrupted operation even while the clock is being rewound.

All of the wheels are gold plated. The plates have Geneva stripes and are nickel-plated. The pivots have ball bearings; the smaller ones even have ceramic ball bearings. This position, combined with a diamond coating on the pinions, makes it possible to do without any kind of lubrication, so that the clock is virtually maintenance free. The metal casing, kept as simple as possible, opens up the beautiful clockwork for viewing and makes this chronometer an incomparable object of beauty.

Height x Width x Depth135 cm x 29 cm x 16 cm
Penduluminvar rod and brass weight 7 kg with air pressure compensation
Driving weight2.8 kg (made of tungsten)
Duration11 weeks
Housingmetal and glass