The precision pendulum clock BRIVE is a wall clock with dust-tight case and free swinging pendulum. It features:

  • a long very thin centre second hand.
  • the hour hand driven by a frictionless magnetic gear
  • A full year power reserve with 5kg tungsten-weight.The exceptional long power reserve is the result of a twin gear to the minute hand, the build-in epicyclic gear in its hub.
  • The skeleton design allows the best view in the movement and its function.

  • Temperature and air pressure compensated pendulum. (Riefler pendulum). The Invar-rod is suspended on knife edges and drives a Graham escapement.
  • The anchor is directly fixed on the pendulum and has two tungsten carbide pallets.
  • All wheels are beared in miniature ball races, the smallest with ceramic balls.
  • Diamond coated pinions ensure lowest friction so that lubrification is superfluous.
  • Dimensions of the case (H x W x D):   34 x 24 x 17 cm

The clockwork with the big wheel (296 teeth) and the central second hand.  The plates are embellished with “ Côte de Genève“ (Geneva Stripes)

The top of the movement. The magnetic gear moving the hour hand is hidden in the front plate.

The anchor linked with the pendulum through the rear plate. The top-end of the pendulum rest on tungsten-carbide knife-edges.

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