SARLAT is a precision pendulum wall clock with a dust-tight case. It perpetuates the tradition of the famous clocks used in observatories to keep the standard time. Like these it shows the typical „Regulator face“ (second hand over the minute hand and separate hour indication).

The main features are:

  • Hours displayed on digits milled in the drive gear.
  • 10 weeks power reserve with 2.8kg tungsten-weight. The exceptional long power reserve is the result of the build-in epicyclic gear in its hub and the twin pulley.
  • An unique device latches the minute hand according to the position of the second hand.
  • The skeleton design allows the best view in the movement and its function.
  • Temperature and air pressure compensated pendulum. (Riefler pendulum).
  • The Invar-rod is suspended on knife edges and drives a gravity escapement.
  • All wheels and the anchor are beared in miniature ball races, the smallest of them with ceramic balls.
  • Diamond coated pinions (DLC) ensure lowest friction so that lubrification is superfluous.


  • Nickel plated parts
  • Background glass satin-finished mirror.
  • Ingenious door construction with hidden hinges.
  • Dimensions of the case (HxBxD):  139 x 27 x 17 cm

The „regulator“ face of the SARLAT. 

The drive wheel showing the 3D milled digits.

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