The precision pendulum clock GRAMAT

The long case clock is available either with

  • a gravity escapement 
  • or the new patented escapement

with a long very thin centre second hand.

  • Hour hand driven by a frictionless magnetic gear
  • A four months power reserve with 2,8 kg tungsten-weight.

The exceptional long power reserve is the result of the wheel with 400 teeth, the build-in epicyclic gear in its hub and the double pulleys. All staffs are beard either in microball-bearings or in jewels.

  • The skeleton design allows the best view in the movement and its function.
  • Temperature compensated pendulum

Invar-rod is suspended on knife edges. over a strong column. This very stiff attachment of the pendulum allowis highes accuracy.

  • The air-tight case and the patented regulation of the density of the air.
  • All wheels are beared in miniature ball races, the smallest with ceramic balls.
  • Diamond coated pinions  ensure lowest friction so that lubrification is superfluous.
Dimensions(HxWxD): 195x30x22 cm.