GRAMAT is a long case precision pendulum clock in the tradition of the time.keepers which were installed in the observatories and provided the standard time.

The long and very thin centre second is driven by either:

  • a gravity escapement
  • or the new patented escapement

More features:

  • A frictionless magnetic gear moves the hour hand.
  • Four months power reserve with 2,8 kg tungsten-weight.

The exceptional long power reserve is the result of the wheel with 400 teeth, the build-in epicyclic gear in its hub and the double pulleys.

  • The skeleton design allows the best view in the movement and its function.
  • Temperature compensated pendulum
  • Its Invar-rod swings on knife edges over a stiff column.
  • The air-tight case and the patented regulation of the density of the air.
  • All wheels are beared in miniature ball races, the smallest with ceramic balls.
  • Diamond coated pinions  ensure lowest friction so that lubrification is superfluous.
Dimensions (HxWxD): 195 x 30 x 22 cm.

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