The precision table clock PADIRAC has a so called „Regulator face“, that means the indication of hours, minutes and seconds are separate. It has some unusual or neverseen features:

  • Two in series linked springs give a 4 months running time. The spring barrels are beared on one side only (cantilevered bearing) to let the big wheel with 24 hours digits turing in front of them.
  • The feet, the frame and the big wheel are out of acryl glass giving the clock an unusual transparent appearance.
  • A circular scale built in the front foot indicates the power reserve.
  • A twin pendulum with fused silica rods is directly linked with the anchor. It beats the half second and drives the thin second hand. A device lets the minute snap into its position according to the second hand.
  • All wheels are beared in miniature ball races, the smallest with ceramic balls.
  • Diamond coated pinions ensure lowest friction so that lubrification is superfluous.
  • Dimensions  (HxWxD):   33 x 22 x 13 cm